September 2021

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All you have to do is IMAGINE!

Carnglen Credit Union is delighted to announce that entries are now open for the 2021 Credit Union Art Competition.

This year's theme is ''Imagine'' - we want to encourage entrants to explore their hopes, dreams, thoughts and aspirations

This year’s competition encourages participants to use their imagination to explore the amazing world which exists inside our thoughts. Using their imagination to escape from the everyday worries and stresses of life, and to use art and imagination hand in hand to create a masterpiece, entrants to this year’s competition will all bring something exciting and creative to the competition.

The competition is free to enter and there are no age limits, and it is open to children aged seven years and under right through to 18 years and over. There is also an additional needs category. Winners at local level will go on to a regional level, and regional winners will progress to the national awards ceremony in February 2022.

There will be prizes for those who come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category at Credit Union level. 

Request an entry form now via email admin@carnglencu.com or pop into our office. 

The closing date to submit finished entries to Carnglen Credit Union is Wednesday 20th October 2021.