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This credit union exists for the benefit of its members, whether savers or borrowers. As a co-operative, our individual efforts combine for our mutual benefit. Credit unions offer members the chance to have control over their finances by making their own savings work for them.

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Key Benefits of Becoming a Member

Flexible & Convenient

Loans at low interest rates - Members can take out flexible loans and repay at tailor-made schedules

Earn a Dividend on Savings and a Rebate on Loan Interest paid

Each year we pay a dividend on member’s savings - this is generated by any surplus made throughout the year and returned to members. If you have borrowed with us over the year you can also receive a rebate on any loan interest you pay. Savings are also covered by insurance

No Transaction Charges or Hidden Fees

You can be assured of a professional service from Carnglen Credit Union at all times and there are no transaction fees charged on accounts

Loan Protection Insurance

The Credit Union provides insurance cover on each qualifying member to clear any outstanding loan balance after the borrower dies

Insurance on Savings

Carnglen Credit Union provides life insurance cover for its eligible members as an additional incentive for them to save regularly in the Credit Union. The amount of insurance benefit to which a member is entitled is in proportion to the amount of savings the member has and benefits are payable only on the death of a member.

Death Benefit

Every member of Carnglen Credit Union is covered by a Death Benefit Insurance which is a one-off payment of £2,000 designed to help out with funeral expenses. (provided the member joins before the age of 70) Each member pays a small fee for this each December which is deducted automatically from Shares (£10.00 approx.)

CUSOP System

With this system, members are all given their own sort code and account number, just like with a bank account. This makes saving money and making loan payments easier than ever before by giving members the chance to pay straight into their accounts from home!

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